Who is masters photographic?!

Whats up?!

My name is Ben Masters. Proud to be born in the mighty Manawatu (go Turbos). I've somehow found myself in the bright lights of Auckland city. A city, to be honest, I never thought I'd see myself living in, but I love it up here! 

I've been behind the lens since my reckless youth, shredding on my skateboard. I would sneak the antique video camera that Mum had hidden in the wardrobe out with the lads as we hit the streets. It's fair to say that none of us ended up on the cover of Thrasher but my thirst for creating was left unappeased. 

After going through life's rigmarole of graduating University, buying the house and getting a 'real job', I have found my way back behind the lens! A long story short, my segue back 'into the game' was due to the invention of the drone. Ask me about it when we meet. 

As you can probably tell, I am not the most up tight guy. I like what I do and I have fun whilst doing it! If you don't enjoy what you do, is it even worth doing? (I should've told myself that before starting Manawatu's version of The Block insert crazy emoji).

With the advancement of technology there's no excuse to not be producing more content now than ever before!

Drop me line and let's have a chat about what you want to achieve over a coffee or a beer.